recovering our roots


STARvation is a series of interactive light installations in public spaces, aiming to raise awareness about light pollution, connecting us with our origins.  For you all who are STARving

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Light pollution may not be the worst problem in the world, no even in the top ten. However, rather than just forbidding us from the beauty of the sky at night, we are not longer connected with our origins. Since life was created outside of this world and people have been wondering their place in the universe, it is more than obvious that our roots are out there. If we look back, we will find that our ascendants used the stars for several purposes (as a compass or calendar) and being inspired by them, giving birth to several subjects such as Science, Cosmology, Mythology, Culture or Philosophy.

STARvation tries to connect us again with our roots, approaching the stars symbolically and paradoxically using artificial lights, lighting up what they have blinded. For that, a series of light Installations will have place around the city of Edinburgh, regarding the different themes commented above, which in one way or another have their origin in the stars. For you all interesting in these playful and beautiful installations, and especially for you all who are STARving, keep your attention on this page, soon info will be revealed…

Missing beauty from Omartxo on Vimeo.


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