recovering our roots



Many philosophers (probably all) have wondered about our place in the universe, where do we come from? where are we going?… Questions that would especially rise while staring at the stars, an image easier to imagine during the time of ancient Greek civilization than nowadays. However, their inspiration have been always been there, and the last installation ‘Philosopy’ will aim to recover this root next Sunday 14th of may at 8pm

If we talk about Philosophy in Scotland, we have to talk about David Hume, one of the most important figures of the Scottish Enlightenment and western philosophy. Thats why his sculpture in the Royal Mile is the chosen space for this installation.

In an attempt of re-enlighten what light has blinded, following Hume´s empiricism (knowledge comes only from sensory experience), people will be encouraged to share what have they have learnt in their life by personal experience, no read or seen or being told by someone else, real knowledge. Using Tweeter for this cause, with the hastag #STARvationPhilosophy, all the experiences will be projected in real time over Hume´s sculpture.

The more participation, the more knowledge will be shared, maybe in this way we can find the answer to the transcendental questions about life… or we could come back to SCIENCE and STARt our journey again 😉


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