recovering our roots


map_science“Dinamic Earth” is a well known science related space, the perfect scenario for the first installation SCIENCE, next Sunday 17th of MMarch 2013 after sunset.

“It all started with the Big Bang”, the origin of life itself it´s out there, not in the Earth, that´s why science has been looking at starts to find the answers about our origins ever since, having its roots in them. Unfortunately, Light Pollution is a barrier that rip us apart form our origins, that´s why this is our first stop in this journey for recovering our roots.

Then what is the first installation (Science) about? We will recreate the Big Bang! Going to an area next to the ‘Dynamic Earth’ in an area 500 times smaller than the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) in Geneva, where we will do our experiment to find the Higgs Bosom or God particle.


How exactly? with light painting, long exposure pictures will be taken while people interact and collaborate to create images as similar as possible to the experiments that are taking place in Geneva. These are some examples


This is also a tribute to the British theoretical physicist and emeritus professor at the University of Edinburgh Peter Higgs, who gives his name to the God atom which just now, while writing these lines, has been confirmed its existence in the CERN after the experiments in the LHC.


Therefore, an evening of fun is the first step in our attempt of recovering our roots, so grab your torch or any light device that you think can serve (or accessories like LEDs attached to strings or umbrellas…) and come along this Sunday after sunset (7-8pm). Only people who comes and/or collaborate will have access to the pictures and videos in good quality of this “collaborative art” about the experiment.


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